The Devil's Triangle - Biggest Mystery in history

 Bermuda triangle is a region on the west coast of America. It is also known as the devil's triangle. It is known as the biggest mysterious place on Earth.

The Devil's Triangle ( Bermuda Triangle ) - Biggest Mystery in history

The devil's triangle

Where bermuda triangle is located?

Location: On the west coast of America in the Western part of the North Atlantic ocean.

Coordinates: 25°00′00″N 71°00′00″W

Official name: The Bermuda Triangle or The Devil's Triangle

Area: The area of the Bermuda Triangle ranges from 500,000 square miles to 1,500,000 square miles.

 The Devil's Triangle ( Bermuda Triangle ) is a defined region on the west coast of Florida in the ocean. It is an ocean area between Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. It is got its name from Bermuda island because one point of triangle touches Bermuda.

 The Devil's Triangle is a region from where many aircraft and ships were disappeared mysteriously. After research of many years, none of the aircraft or ships were found. So it becomes a popular place.

History of the Devil's triangle ( Bermuda triangle )

 The first time The devil's triangle is mentioned by Christopher Columbus. When Columbus sailed through the Atlantic ocean in 1492 he wrote about mysterious incidence happen in that area.

 Christopher Columbus wrote that he saw a ball of fire going into the ocean. He wrote that the compass does not work properly in that area. 

 One night, Christopher Columbus and his crew member saw a fire in the ocean, but there is not an island nearby. They could not find the source of that fire.

 After that many sailors pass through that region, and they tell many stories about it. As time passes the ships are started missing from that area. 

 As the 1950s come people started counting the incidence of Planes and ships missing from that area. Many articles were written about that area and it is named Bermuda Triangle. It is also known as the Devil's Triangle.

Mysteries of the Devil's Triangle ( Bermuda triangle )

 There many mysteries we're associated with the Bermuda Triangle. Here are some of the popular mysteries of the Devil's Triangle.

1. Flight 19: The Lost Patrol

Flight 19 Aircrafts

 The current mystery of the Bermuda Triangle starts with an extraordinary event in 1945. 

 On December 5th, 1945 a group of five fighters Planes of the American Navy took off from Florida. They were named flight 19. They have to fly over the ocean and do some military exercise. 

 The pilots of flight 19 were well trained. They are instructed to fly back to the coast if any emergency took place. The last radio call from the leading pilot comes at 3:45 pm, and he said they have lost the way.

 After that, all planes vanished from radar between 6 to 7 pm. The Us Navy launch a search operation on a big scale. But they could not find the missing Planes of flight 19.

 Some people said that the fule of the plane has been emptied so, they were crashed in the ocean. But any part of the aircraft is not found from the ocean.

 This incident gave a boost to the mystery of The Devil's Triangle. After that many articles and books were written on The Bermuda Triangle.

2. The Riddle of Vanished Ships

Vanished ship

 Many ships disappear from the Devil's Triangle. These incidences continues for a long time.

 In 1918, one of the U.S. Navy's largest ships disappears from Bermuda Triangle.

 On 4th March 1918, the U.S. Navy ship Cyclops went into the ocean from Barbados. When it passes through The Bermuda Triangle it disappeared. There 306 Crue members boarded the ship. They also disappeared with the ship.

 The U.S. is at war with Germany when Cyclops vanished. Some people said that the submarines of Germany attack Cyclops and sunk it. Some said that it was sunk by a tornado. No one knows the exact reason for that, but it also gives a boost to the Bermuda triangle mystery.

 In 1866 & 1868 Swedish ships Lotta and Viego vanished in the Devil's Triangle. 

 In 1941 Proteus and Nereus the twin sister of Cyclops also vanished from the same area.

 In 1950, the cargo ship Sandra went missing from The Devil's Triangle. In 1951 ship named Southern District went missing from The Bermuda Triangle.

 The list of missing ships from the Bermuda Triangle is very long. Year after year many ships vanished from that area.

3. The Vanished Planes

Daug DC-3 Plane

 Flight 19 were not the only Planes that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Many Planes vanished from The Devil's Triangle.

 The British passenger plane Star tiger also vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. On 29 January 1948, it took off last time for its journey to Bermuda. Between 3:15 pm to 3:50 pm, it vanished from the Bermuda Triangle.

 How could this happen? Because Star tiger is fully fueled and its crew is very experienced. The strange thing is that no call through the radio for help. The investigating team could not find any clue. They said: 'it was a complete unsolved Mystery.'

 In January 1949, another plane Airline star Ariel is vanished from the Bermuda Triangle. It vanished as mysteriously as Star tiger. One year later another plane vanished from the Devil's Triangle.

 On 27th December 1950, An old Daug DC-3 Plane took off from Puerto Rico. It was carrying 27 passengers. It was disappeared 80 kilometers away from Miami.

 In 1951 a U.S. Air Force plane crashed 2000 miles in North of Bermuda. But some books said that it was happened due to the Bermuda Triangle.

 Year after year many Planes and ships disappeared from Bermuda Triangle. Which makes it more mysterious and Dangerous. 

Explaining Theories for The Devil's Triangle

 People have found many Theories to explain the mystery of The Bermuda Triangle. Many books were written to explain these strange events. Here are some popular theories that explain the mystery of the Devil's Triangle.

1. Theory of Atlantis

 This theory was given by the famous writer Charles Berlitz. He wrote the book the Bermuda Triangle in 1974. Millions of copies of this book were sold.

 He wrote about an ancient island city Atlantis. Atlantis was near to the Bahamas on the edge of the Bermuda triangle. It was sunk many years ago. He wrote that the civilizations of Atlantis have some extraordinary powers.

 According to him for missing these Planes and ships the Atlantis is responsible. After some years many strange stones were found from that place. People said that they were the remains of Atlantis.

2. Theory of spacecraft and Aliens

Alien in spacecraft

 Some people believe that there is a warm hole in the Bermuda Triangle. They said that this warm hole is used by aliens as the passageway.

 Some people said that this warm hole is connected to another time and dimensions. The planes and ships were lost in that hole.

 Many people claim that they saw some U.F.O in the Devil's Triangle. They think that Aliens captured those ships and Planes.

 In 1971, The crew of the American ship the USS John F. Kennedy saw an object hovering above in the sky. When this incidence happened the ship is passing through The Bermuda Triangle.

3. Theory of fog

Strange fog in sky

 On 4th December 1970, Bruce Gernon an experienced pilot flying from the Bahamas to Florida. During This Flight, he saw a strange cloud in the sky.

 A small tunnel is opened in the cloud. Bruce Plane fly through that tunnel. Suddenly, His plane was started flying faster. And his compass is moving in all directions. It does not work properly.

 After some time his plane comes out from that tunnel. Bruce could see Miami Beach ahead. His Plane reaches Miami in just 47 minutes, but usually, it takes 78 minutes to reach Miami. Bruce could not understand what happened.

 Some scientists describe this cloud as electric fog. Because of this fog, his compass does not work properly. Some people believe that this fog is responsible for the mysteries.

4. Theory of Bad weather

Strom in The Bermuda Triangle

 The Devil's Triangle is also known for its bad weather. In the Bermuda Triangle, many quick and fierce storms come. The sailors who pass through the Bermuda Triangle is always afraid because of the bad weather.

 Hurricanes always come in that region. Some people saw a yellow fog in the Bermuda Triangle. Many ships were sunk in the Bermuda triangle because of bad weather.

 Their many water sprouts were created by the tornado. These water sprouts can damage ships and Planes. This theory can explain many disappearances in the Devil's Triangle.

5. Theory of gas attack

 Scientists discover that there is a large amount of Methane gas is trapped under the water in the Bermuda Triangle. An Earthquake can release this gas.

 The bubble of this gas coming on the surface of water create a dip in the water. This dip can easily sunk ships.

 The rising bubble can damage the engine of the aircraft. It can also cause a blast in the plane.


 Still today this mystery remains in the mind of people. People love to read this type of thing. There were many books were written on the Devil's Triangle. 

 Many facts are missing in this book, which creates hype about The Bermuda Triangle.

 Today many ships and Planes pass through the Bermuda Triangle. Most of safely cross this area. The number of missing Planes and ships is very low compared to the total number of ships and Planes.

 Most of the incidences are described by the scientific explanation. But some incidence is still not described by the scientist. Today the Bermuda Triangle is an area with high traffic.

 From time to time some incidence makes mystery alive.

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